Boutique Project Development/Design and Education Consultancy

EDC is one of the top leading boutique design consultancy companies in Turkey.

We specialize in retail/entertainment and public design in any scale depending on the size of the project. We follow the new trends in the market and act as Visionary Retail and Life Center Consultants/Designers to our Clients. We are also proudly representing many International Architecture and Design Companies in Turkey. We provide Architectural Design Coordination and Follow Up procedures for many different scale projects. We give Consultancy for REITs depending on their Architectural Design/Competition needs. Last but not least we do provide interior design services for various functions of various scales.

EDC is proudly serving the market since 2012 with top-notch quality projects in Turkey among which we can mention Tahincioglu Palladium Kucukyali Shopping Level Design, Elazig Elysium Shopping Mall and Residential Blocks Design, Galataport Competition Project, Mavibahce Shopping Mall Design/Coordination and Management, Metropol Shopping Mall Design and Coordination, Folkart REIT Consultancy and many more projects that you can visit on our website.

EDC also broadcasts EDConnect Series, a live conversation with leaders of the Industry moderated by our Founder Elif Ertekin Gurkan. Elif Ertekin Gurkan also manages EDCBlog on our website.

EDCBlog: Villa Savoye


EDConnect: EDConnect Seminerleri Başlıyor

EDC Danışmanlık, Gayrimenkulde Strateji Platformu ve MIKiz işbirliği ile Instagram Live üzerinden erişilebilecek EDConnect seminerleri 9 Haziran 2020 Salı saat 21:00’da başlıyor. EDC Ceo’su Elif Ertekin Gürkan moderatörlüğünde tasarımın geleceğine dair te... READ MORE